In the eighties, the deep burden and vision for church planting weighed upon the hearts of Christian leaders Eckehard Strickert (d. 1996) and Ernst G. Maier (d. 1994). In several situations in the starting of local churches connected to denominations, they became aware of the pitfalls and difficulties and wanted to offer an alternative.

As a result, the Conference for Church Planting (KfG) was started in 1983. The KfG is neither a denomination nor a church association. Denominations and associations may have some advantages; however, the founders also saw considerable disadvantages. Therefore, the idea of a »conference« for church planting was conceived.

The KfG sees itself as a platform to help in the foundation and development of Bible-believing churches. For this reason the Conference for Church Planting publishes the magazine Gemeindegründung, as well as other materials related to the conference.

The KfG is a faith ministry. It is dependent upon the Lord’s provisions. Since 1995, Wilfried Plock (Hünfeld, Germany) has been directing the work.

In addition, an independent KfG ministry was begun in Switzerland in 1998. They also have Church Planting Conferences.

The main duties of the KfG could be outlined in the following manner: To assist in the foundation and organization of New Testament churches and to guide and help in the various areas of the churches‘ development, such as the exchange of ideas between Bible-believing churches.